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Cry to Me, River... (Betrayal of Knjaz Volodymir)
Cry To Me, River,
Tell me about the days of ancient times,
About what thou saw long time ago-
Tell by the whispering of thy drops
Bring by the waves to Nothingness
Resounds of battles where one raised his sword
Against his brother
In murmur of tide voices are heard:
Who dishonored his Ancestors names?
Who destroyed our Ancient Faith?
Who gave the Slavonic Land
Into enemies' clutch?
"Miserable descendant of the Great Knjaz,
worthless son of Svjatoslav, -
fratricide, apostate of Faith,
Named "saint" for his betrayal!"
Who built the churches
Upon our Sacral Ground?-
That herd trembled of fear,
When Knjaz Svjatoslav nailed His shield
To the Constantinopolis gates!

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